Frequently asked Questions about Sailing Charters and Sailing Lessons.

What about children?  Children must have life jackets. Parents can buy the kids life jackets at Wal Mart or Anglers’ Marine.

What about sea sickness? I recommend you use what you have had success with in the past. Sea Sickness can affect anyone. Less Drowsy Dramamine is often helpful. Taking one pill before bedtime the night before and another two hours before leaving the slip works for many people. Ginger cookies, capsules, wrist bands and other medications are mentioned. Looking at the horizon and not going down below can be preventative measures to take.

What to wear? Dress for the season. The waters are often cooler than the air even in the summer. You can always add but not always take away clothing! Long sleeves help prevent sunburn. The back of the neck, tip of the nose and ears often get sun burn.

Sun Screen

Sun glasses

1 pair of shoes, non-marking, slip resistant

Reading material, MP3, etc

Jacket and gloves (depending on weather)


1 hat attachable so it doesn’t blow away

How to contact me?  Call 956-451-8113 or by email at