Introduction to Sailing: A brief two hour trip in the Laguna Madre with opportunities to try your hand.

$300.00 for up to four persons.

One Half Day Sail: A three and one half hour sail in the Laguna Madre with sightseeing, sailing opportunities and refreshments (soft drinks and snacks).

$350.00 for up to three individuals, $75.00 for an additional person.

One Day Sail: A six hour sail in the Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico. Search for porpoises, birds and turtles. See the Jetties and the South Padre Island skyline. Try your hand at the helm. Gourmet lunch with beverages.

Learn to Sail Options:

Basic Sailing: A two day classroom and on the water lessons for three or more individuals. Instructional materials included. Lunch on your own. Three student minimum at $325.00 per person Lunch on your own..

Advanced Sailing: A three day session over two weekends with instructional materials and hands on instruction for up to three students. Three student minimum at $325.00 per person.

Engagement, Wedding and Birthday Excursions: What an idea! Get engaged or married in a sailboat. Parties for up to six people for three hours in the Laguna Vista. Price depends on features requested.

Burial at Sea: A serene, respectful opportunity for up to six people. Up to three hours. $650.00